Game Killer Apk No Root Download Free For Android

Game Killer Apk: Hey There! Welcome To Apkindroid. Today I have another modded apk for you. Today I am going to share Game Killer Apk no root downloading links by which you can download Game Killer Apk for free in your smartphone. Game Killer Apk is one of the most popular games by which you can modify your favorite video games easily from your Android device. The Best part is that you didn’t need to root your smartphone to download this Game Killer Apk in your smart devices or in your iPhones. So You must download this  Game Killer Apk No Root from below downloading links and after that enjoy the  Game Killer Apk full version in your mobile for free.

Game Killer Apk is a very popular apk and you can’t able to download this application from playstore. This apk is not available in playstore so here I am decided to share the direct downloading links of  Game Killer Apk no root. So you must check out this apk now.

 Game Killer Apk
Game Killer Apk

About Game Killer Apk

Well, We all loved to play games on our Android or IOs devices. They Give us relief and help us to enjoy the virtual world. Well, To Score in video games you need to consist and keep playing it. But here is the  Game Killer Apk full version downloading link available which helps you to crack/Modify your favorite android ad IOs game for free. You didn’t need to learn any programming or you didn’t need to do any complex thing. Just download and install it and after that start modifying your games easily. Now Purchase premium things for free by using game killer application.

Game Killer Apk

Game Killer Features

App NameGame Killer Apk
Total Downloads1M+
Last UpdateToday
Size500 KB

Also Download

Game Killer | No Root

  1. Support All Android Devices
  2. Minimum Size
  3. Support All Apps And All Games to Modify
  4. You need maximum one to two minutes to modify any game.
  5. Modify Number of Germs And Money and set them to unlimited.
  6. Much More

Game Killer Apk Download No Root

So, Here is the best part of this article. Here below I am going to share the downloading links of Game Killer no root apk. So Use these below downloading button to download it and after that follow the simple steps to install it.


This is the most popular hacking tool for Android devices. So if you are looking for a game killer application on google then you are at right place. Use Above downloading button to download and after that move to next section.

Installation Process For Game Killer

First of all, Go to settings and enable “Unknown Source” in your device.

Installtion Guide

after that use the above downloading buttons to download the game killer apk no root for free in your smartphone.

now, open it and install as you install any normal app. No need to root your smartphone Just install it and start modifying your fav. games and apks.

After that select any game that you want to modify or edit and after that go to settings and change its values.

By doing this you can set money, germs, and other currency to unlimited and purchase anything for free. Now No need to spend your money 🙂

Final Words

So, You successfully installed game killer apk on your smartphone. In case if you have any problem then you can post your screenshot below and we will help you to install it. the game killer is a best hacking application for Android so if you want to modify your games and apks so you must try this game killer application. Also, if you like this then do share it with your friends and family members to enjoy this apk.

1337x Proxy & Unblocked Mirror Site List; try it now

1337x Proxy is a kind of directory that contains a list of torrent sites as well as of magnet link. Before going into deep, let’s first understand what are torrent sites all about and what does 1337x proxy means?

Torrent Sites

A “torrent” is short form of “BitTorrent”. It refers to a technology which is used to distribute files over the Internet. No doubt, it depends on you whether you are using it positively or negatively. The main feature of torrent sites is that they can speed up the downloading of large files.

Do you know how these sites are, in general, used for? The most common use for torrents is to share pirated movies, music and other copyrighted files.

Keep in mind that if you’re not protecting yourself with good Internet security software, these torrent sites can infect your computer simply by you visiting it.

Since starting of 20th century, many companies started to go against these sites. This is because they were breaching the term of security and privacy of content. For instance, some software that cost hundreds of dollars were provided free of cost. This usually led the companies towards huge loss.

As a result of opposing forces by the various companies, the owners of torrent sites started to proxy their websites. They started doing this so that the real website cannot be found. These proxy sites provides users access to more than one site and some other relevant content they are searching.
1337x proxy, 1337x proxy & unblocked mirror sites

1337x Proxy sites

1337x Proxy is a kind of directory that contains a list of torrent sites as well as of magnet link. It came into existence back in 2017.  Thus, we can say that 1337x provides many torrent links to the user.  Since each day many such links gets deactivated, therefore, Proxy sites of new links get created simultaneously to prevent the complete down of the site.

Now Let’s Understand What Proxy Is all About?

As discussed earlier, proxy is nothing, but a mechanism to protect torrent sites’ actual address. Although there are lots of proxy sites now, not all of them are reliable. So always keep in mind do enough amount of research while going through these proxy sites.

Make sure you have installed properly the best quality antivirus software onto your computer in order to prevent your system from malware.

For your convenience, we are providing below some of the best links of proxy sites. You may use these links to download required content. But make sure use of torrent sites is allowed in your state or country.

                     1337x Proxy Sites/Mirror Sites
SN Proxy Name Speed Status
1 Very Fast Online
2 Very Fast Online
3 Very Fast Online
4 Very Fast Online
5 Very Fast Online
6 Very Fast Online
7 Very Fast Online
8 Very Fast Online
9 Very Fast Online
10 Very Fast Online
11 Very Fast Online
12 Very Fast Online
13 Very Fast Online
14 Very Fast Online
15 Proxy 2 Very Fast Online
16 Proxy 1 Fast Online
17 Proxy 3 Fast Online
18 Fast Online
19 Fast Online
20 Fast Online
21 Fast Online
22 Normal Online

Using VPN As An Alternative

If you are not whether to use proxy sites or not, you may go with another best alternative, i.e., VPN.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. There are many service providers of VPN.  It facilitates in encrypting and routing all you traffic through a server named as VPN server.  This assists you in replacing your IP address by a different IP address.

There are lot of VPN services available, some are free of cost while some are paid. You may opt them according to your need and criteria.

VPN V/s Proxy Sites, which one is better?

Now you all know what both are all about. Let’s find out which one would be the better option for you. Have a look on the below mentioned points-

                                                         VPN V/s Proxy Sites
S. No. Basis VPN Proxy Sites
1 Security It offers security for internet access. It provides security only when you use internet through a browser.
2 Secure IP adress It offers better security to IP adress. It offers only limited security.
3 Additional Layer of security It offers an additional layer of security using scrambler. Proxy can’t provide any such type of security.

Points to remember:

Note that the links provided above may not be the same for all time. They may get updated according to situation and other condition. So, always check properly before you use them.

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Mini Militia Pro Pack Mod Apk Latest 4.1.1 Download

Mini militia pro pack mod apk-You might have heard about mini militia right. Who does not know mini militia? Even a 6-year-old kid know about it. Doddle army 2: mini militia is an online action multiplayer game. We all just love this game. Even me myself love this game so much that once I start playing with my friends. I just can’t stop playing it. So, today I am going to share with you guys Mini Militia Pro Pack mod apk download following the easiest and simple installation guide.

Continue Reading “Mini Militia Pro Pack Mod Apk Latest 4.1.1 Download”

YouTube Vanced APK: Try This App For Ad Blocking

Are you fed up of seeing ads while watching video on YouTube? Do You want to stop seeing those annoying those ads? Yes, you are on right webpage. Today, we let you make understand how you can block or stop those annoying ads. An amazing tool, named Youtube Vanced APK, is enough for these tasks.

YouTube Vanced APK 

It is often seen that whenever someone start watching his or her playlists or any of his favourite video, ads always starts playing first. Obviously, this annoys most of us. But don’t worry. We have the best solution to your problem. The solution is YouTube Vanced APK.

With this amazing tool of YouTube Vanced APK, you can easily block annoying ads while playing video on YouTube. Moreover, you may also use this amazing tool to background playback. Download the app now.

YouTube Vanced APK


Amazing Features Of YouTube Vanced Apk

  • This new tool has many best features. The main features of YouTube Vanced APK are as follows-
  • Ads Blocking Feature- With the help of YouTube Vanced APK, you can easily block all those ads that annoy you while watching your favorite video on YouTube.
  • Backgroud Playback Feature- Using YouTube Vanced APK, now you can also play background music on your devices while doing any activity. In this way, this tool allows the user to listen songs on YouTube when it is minimized.
  • Resolution Of Video- Moreover, you can also choose video resolution or set a default video resolution to play or watch YouTube videos. All you need is just download YouTube Vanced APK.
  • Picture In Picture Mode (PIP Mode)- This tool also allow you to use YouTube in picture in picture mode. PIP mode displays image on the full screen at the same time as one or more other programs are displayed in inset windows. Sound is usually from the main program only.  Thus, using this tool, you can watch video on floating screen.
  • Zooming feature- You may also zoom in YouTube videos on all smartphones using YouTube Vanced ApK.
  • Many Interesting Themes- YouTube Vanced APK allows you to use many theme options. Therefore, you can easily change your interface app as per your desire.
  • Repeat Mode Feature- Repeat mode feature of YouTube Vanced APK allows to watch your favorite videos over and over again. You need to set this into repeat mode in order to play video over and over again.
  • Video Playing Speed- Using this amazing tool, you can also set the video speed as per your need.

YouTube Vanced Apk

6 Steps To Download YouTube Vanced APK

This tool is not available in play store. Therefore, you cannot download it from there. But you can download it by following the below mentioned steps and enjoy its features-

  1. Uninstall YouTube Updates- First of all, uninstall all YouTube updates from your phone.
  2. Disable Auto update feature-  Next, you have disable auto update feature of play store.
  3. Download the app- After disabling, you need to download this amazing and safe tool YouTube Vanced APK.
  4. Enable Unknown Source Feature- After that, open up your setting option and then enable unknown source feature in order to install the app on your device.
  5. Download MicroG Apk- The next thing you need to do is you have to download MicroG Apk on your device.
  6. Log In- Now you have to log in to the MicroG account.

Now you can enjoy this amazing app having lots of fun while playing or watching your favorite YouTube Videos. I hope you will like this article. Comment your further queries in the below comment section. Keep in touch with us and we will be guiding you with lots of new and interesting technologies.

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GTA San Andreas Apk Mod Download 2018

Gta San Andreas Apk is a open world game and in this game are already available on PC users. But due to heavy huge size of this game earlier days avoid to download but now days Gta San Andreas Apk downloading like hell and that is the some times peoples getting error while downloading time. So Today we have plan to give extra mirror link or Google drive to download this Gta San Andreas Apk Obb also.

Rockstar is the developer of the Gta San Andreas Mobile has emphasized the personalization of the main character. Clothing and accessories (which players can buy at some of the game’s many clothing stores), haircuts and tattoos are now available for purchase by CJ, and have more effect on NPCs’ reactions than the clothing in Vice City. Players must also ensure CJ eats to stay healthy, obtaining food from fast food restaurants such as Cluckin’ Bell, street vendors, diners, bars, and nightclubs. The balance of food and exercise has an effect on his muscularity and appearance.

gta san andreas apk


About The GTA San Andreas Apk

Many new features have been included in the game. New vehicles include bicycles (which feature a new control scheme), trucks with detachable trailers, police motorcycles, operable tow trucks, combine harvesters, quad bikes, aircrafts, military jet fighters and trains.

New to the players character is the ability to swim and climb up and over short walls and fences. For greater firepower, players can also wield dual firearms or perform a drive-by shooting with several gang members. The camera, fighting, and targeting controls were reworked with concepts from another Rockstar game, including improved target cross-hairs that change colors from green to red to black, depending on the target’s health.

Features GTA San Andreas Mod Apk Game

  • Compatible with the MoGa Wireless Game Controllers and select Bluetooth and USB gamepads.
  • Cloud save support for playing across all your mobile devices for Rockstar Social Club Members.
  • Dual analog stick controls for full camera and movement toggle.
  • Modify your visual experience with adjustable graphic settings.
  • Integrated with Immersive effects.
  • Remastered, high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile including lighting enhancements, an enriched color palette, and improved character models.
  • Three different control layouts and customization controls with user-defined options to display buttons only when you need them.

GTA San Andreas Normal Apk

GTA San Andreas OBB

For Mod Version


GTA San Andreas OBB

GTA San Andreas Game Requirements

It’s a heavy game for low specification or older device but if your phone has quad or higher version then you can play this game easily.

  • Requires Memory(Ram): Minimum 1GB, (2 GB Recommanded)
  • Requires CPU: 1.2 GHz + Dual Core and Higher
  • Android 4.0 Ice [cream Sandwich]
  • Android 5.0 [Lollipop]
  • Android 6.0 [Marshmallow] & Above

Download More:

Screenshots Of GTA SA


How To Install GTA San Andreas Apk 

If you are new on to install OBB file in your android device make sure keep mind cool. Okay now let’s dive into the process. First go to Setting >> Security >> Unknown Sources and Turn on. Here is animation below you can Follow.

Installtion Guide Installation guide

Step 2: 

Download ES File Manager from play store or you can download from click here.

Step 3:

Now download the GTA SA apk and OBB, after then go to your file manager install the apk of GTA San Andreas.

Step 4:

After finishing GTA SA Apk, open the ES File Explorer & navigate the folder where OBB file is downloaded. Open it >> click on Extract file >> hit ok. When extraction is finished hold the OBB file and move it into your SD Card >> Android >> OBB and paste there that’s it.

Open the GTA San Andreas Apk game and enjoy the PC experience into your Android device.

Final Words

Hope you will enjoy this GTA San Andreas Apk Mod Download in your smartphone. Also if you like this then make sure you shared it with your friends and family members to enjoy this mod apk.

And if you need another mod apk then you can comment below. And Keep Visit Apkindroid!



Android Fastboot Reset Tool, a best fingerprint unlocking tool

Check out a new and interesting tool that can unlock fingerprint lock easily. It is Android Fastboot Reset Tool. Using Android Fastboot Reset Tool, you can easily remove fingerprint lock. This tool assists you to remove fingerprint lock with just one click. Thus, it is easy and fast. If you want any apk or premium in apk in Android go to home page of .

This Trick is very to use all the points on your mind follow the guide then you easily Android fast reset tool in 10 min only wesite give fake tool. The tool is not working so please follow the following step by step .


Android fast reset tool

Latest Version: Download the latest version of Android Fastboot Reset Tool 1.2.

Size of file:  600 kb.

Devices you may unlock fingerprint-

  • Lenovo- This tool allows you to remove fingerprint lock of Lenovo device.
  • Yuphoria- This tool allows you to remove Yuphoria Fingerprint Lock.
  • Moto- This tool allows you to remove Moto Fingerprint Lock.
  • Sony- This tool allows you to remove Sony Fingerprint Lock.
  • HTC- This tool allows you to remove HTC Fingerprint Lock.
  • Xiaomi – This tool allows you to remove Xiaomi Fingerprint Lock.
  • This tool allows you to remove Sony Fingerprint Lock.


Android Fastboot Reset Tool

Amazing Features of Android Fastboot Reset Tool-

Let’s discuss some of its interesting features that allows you to unlock any fingerprint lock easily. These features are as follows-

  • Unlock Fingerprint lock- This tool allows you to remove any fingerprint lock easily.
  • Unlock Pattern Lock- Not only fingerprint lock, but you can also remove any pattern lock using this amazing tool.
  • Supportive- This tool is supportive for MediaTek (MTK), Spreadtrum CPU (SP-D), Qualcomm CPU.
  • Unlock Bootloader- You may use this amazing Android Fastboot Reset Tool for bootloader unlock. Bootloader is a program that loads an operating system when a computer is turned on.
  • Remove MI Account- If you forget your passwords or patterns of your devices, you may easily remove your MI account using Reset Tool.
  • EDL mode, i.e. Emergency Download Mode- This tool allows you to enter into Emergency Download Mode.
  • Boot into hidden modes
  • Cost Economic- This is completely free tool. No extra charges are applied using this app.
  • Command Prompt- Using this application, now you can easily open command prompt directly. 

9 simple steps for using Android Fastboot Reset Tool-

Follows the below mentioned simple steps and learn how you can unlock any fingerprint lock easily. Have a look-

  1. Download the application- Firstly, download the application of Android Fastboot Reset Tool version 1.2
  2. Extract the file- The next step is you need to extract the zip file of this application. You may use file extracting softwares such as winzip or winrar in order to extract the file.
  3. Open the folder- Next step is to open the folder. After that click on the downloaded file Android Fastboot Reset Tool.
  4. Turn Off device- After that, turn off your device so that you can open it in fastboot mode.
  5. Fastboot Mode- Now it’s the time to open your device in fastboot mode. You can do it by pressing power button and volume down button simultaneously.
  6. Connect device with computer- Now you need to connect your device with your computer using USB cable properly.
  7. Fingerprint unlock option- Then you need to type the number of your fingerprint unlock option. It may vary according to the brand of your device.
  8. Hit Enter- The next step is to hit enter button so that it may start unlocking process.
  9. Turn on Your Device- At last, turn on your device after completing above process.

So guys, now you all know about this amazing application and its features properly. So use it and unlock your device now and don’t get bothered if you forget your passwords and patterns.

I hope you will like this article. For more details comment below your queries in the following comment section. Enjoy this fast and safe Android Fastboot Reset Tool and share your thoughts with us. Keep in touch with us and we will be guiding you with lots of amazing and interesting stuffs. Have a nice day ahead.

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Gunship Battle Mod APK Unlimited Gold Full Unlocked Download

Gunship Battle Mod APK: Hey There! Many of you are playing Gunship battle application in your android phones. Gunship battle game is the best game for helicopter simulator in android. Download Gunship battle mod apk latest version for Android and in this modded version of gunship battle, You will get unlimited gold and fully unlocked version is also available for Android. So you must check out this Gunship Battle Mod APK Unlimited Gold Full Unlocked Download. In Gunship battle, Helicopter 3d is one of the most famous things. We all love to fly helicopters in Gunship buttle. But you need to purchase them. But here is a mod version of gunship battle apk, by which you will get unlimited golds and you can purchase anything that you want.

So, if you are looking for Gunship battle mod apk with unlimited gold? then you are at right place, Download it from below downloading buttons and enjoy its mod features.

gunship battle mod apk
gunship battle mod apk


About Gunship Battle Mod Apk

Best Helicopter 3D emulator Game for Android. I personally playing thus gunship battle modded apk in my android device. In Gunship battle mod apk, there are lots of levels, and the best part of this game is that the developers of this game are releasing their updates very fastly and because of this, you will get regular updates and regular more features in your gunship battle apk. So Download this Gunship battle modded apk with unlimited money and after that enjoy its features.

gunship battle mod apk

Features Of Gunship Battle Mod Apk

App NameGunship Battle Mod Apk
Rating On Playstore4.3
Size In MB76 MB
VersionCurrent Version
Total Installs100000000+
Android Version Require4.0.3 and up

Besides this, you may also download Teen Patti Gold Mod APK & Snaptube Mod APK.

Benefits of Gunship Battle Mod Apk

  1. All Level Unlocked: By Installing this mod version of gunship battle, you will get all level unlocked already. No Need to complete all levels.
  2. Unlimited Gold Coins: Now, Purchase Anything that you want. Modded version has unlimited gold coins currency.
  3. Additional Levels: Some Extra Levels are also added that are not available on the free version of gunship battle apk.
  4. Extra Weapons: This Mod Apk has some extra powerful weapons that destroyed your enemies easily.
  5. No Root Require: No Need to Root your smart device to use this Gunship battle mod apk.
  6. Languages: Available in many languages.

Gunship Battle Mod APK Unlimited Gold Download For Android

Here is the best part of this article. Below I am going to share the downloading links of Gunship Battle Mod APK latest 2018 for Android. So Use these below downloading links to download this Gunship Battle Mod APK with pro unlocked, unlimited gold, unlimited money etc in your account.


Installation Guide:

Installation Guide For Gunship Battle Mod APK

So, You downloaded the gunship battle modded apk from above links? Yes? Now read this installation process to install it on your smartphone easily.

First of all, Uninstall that old version of Gunship apk that you downloaded from playstore.

After that go to settings and enable “Unknown Source” Settings in your account. To Install Mod Apks, you need to enable it.

Installtion Guide

After that open, the gunship battle mod apk that you downloaded from above-downloading links and after that install it as you install any application in your smartphone.

Whoa, 😛 All done 🙂 Gunship battle modded apk with unlimited gold is now installed in your smartphone. Enjoy.

Working Screenshot:

gunship battle mod apk gunship battle mod apk


Editor’s Desk:

So Guys, Hope you will enjoy this Gunship battle mod apk in your smartphone. Also if you like this then make sure you shared it with your friends and family members to enjoy this mod apk.

And if you need another mod apk then you can comment below. And Keep Visit Apkindroid!

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b ( All Pattern Lock Remover )

Try out an amazing and interesting tool that can unlock or remove pattern from all android devices. Don’t worry if you forget your pattern lock of android smartphones. You can now unlock it using Android Multi Tools. This app is also known as All Lock Remover Tool.

Unlock pattern tool, Android Multi Tools

Latest Version:

Download latest version of Android Multi Tools to unlock or remove patterns of android devices. The latest version of Android Multi Tools is 1.02b

Developed By:

A Greek developer of GSM Forum has developed this Android Multi Tools application.

Purpose of Android Multi Tools

The main purpose of launching Android Multi Tools is to solve the problem of those who often forget their patterns lock and pins of their android devices. This tool makes it easy and effective in such a manner that you may now unlock your device without any difficulty.

Android Multi Tools needs only few minutes to unlock or remove pattern locks or pin passwords of android devices. The best part is that it is totally free. You don’t need to pay any extra charge to use this smart tool.

Where to download?

Android Multi Tools app should be downloaded and install on to your Windows PC. From here you may use it to unlock any pattern lock of android device.

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Latest features of Android Multi Tool:

Let’s understand the core and latest features of this new and amazing Android Multi Tools app. The features are as follows-

  • Unlock Pattern locks of Android- This Android Multi Tools is the best way to unlock patterns of all android devices. Try it now.
  • Unlock Pin passwords of Android- Not only pattern locks of android devices, you may use it to remove pin passwords to. So don’t worry if you forget your passwords. Just use Android Multi Tools app and unlock it.
  • Check Your Device Status- Using this application, now you can easily check your device status.
  • Wipe Data- Furthermore, now you can wipe data on android. There is no requirement to install custom recovery TWRP.
  • Single Click Reboot- This application allows to reboot your device through single click.
  • Fastboot Mode- Now you can easily and directly enter into fasterboot mode using Android Multi Tools app.
  • Reset your android device- Another best feature of this app is that you can easily reset your android device using Android Multi tools.
  • Display complete information- You can easily find out details of your android devices such as IMEI number, Android version etc.
  • Cost Economic- This is completely free tool. No extra charges are applied using this app.
  • Command Prompt- Using this application, now you can easily open command prompt directly.
  • No requirement of technical skill- Any person can easily use this app. No technical skill is required to use it.
  • Compatibility- Another best feature of Android Multi tool is that it is compatible with all android versions such as Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 8, Windows 10 etc.
  • Portability- It is one of the best feature of this app. This feature allows you to directly launch this app on PC without installing it.

Procedure to use Android Multi Tools application:

  • Follow the below mentioned steps in order to use this amazing app-
  • Firstly, download Android Multi Tools app on your computer.
  • Extract the file.
  • After that install the main file.
  • Then run the device.
  • Further, connect your device from the system using USB cable.
  • Then follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.


So guys, now you all know about this amazing application and its features properly. So use it and unlock your device now and don’t get bothered if you forget your passwords and patterns Visit homepage of the site .

Have a nice day ahead.